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Telesafe is registered trade name name of Christian Cares Trading.

Christian Cares Trading has been serving the Caribbean community, nursing homes, hospitals, clinic's for the past 20 years.          

Since 2018 registered in Bogota, Colombia

Telesafe SOS devices & GPS tracker.

Telesafe SOS & GPS Tracker device is a small, attractive device that can be clipped onto a set of keys, clothing, wrist band, necklace or just in your pocket.

Our devices.                                                     

Our devices have a large SOS button, when pressed it will send a text message or alert call with a link to Google Maps showing it's location, to up to 3 linked mobile phones of your choice.

Either a family member, your doctor, nurse or just close friends.


Portable GPS Tracker

Our SOS devices are available in 3 different colors with 3 different packages to offer.

You can chose the color you that attracts you most.

Package deals may vary depending the location and the country our SOS & Tacking devices are used.

Our GPS tracking devices are available in various colors and styles.